KAi-RID Mentoring program

Announcing the KAI-RID Deaf Mentor Pilot Program 2020.

We are excited to announce The KAI-RID Deaf Mentor Program! The duration of the pilot program is three months (October – December 2020). This program is in support of interpreters in the state of Kansas who are required to have a Supervisory Plan in place and to be Registered with the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) in either Tier A or Tier B. 

Deaf language mentors will be paid for their mentoring time (six sessions). Interpreters on a Supervisory Plan will be required to join KAI-RID at the individual membership fee level to participate, there will be no further cost to them.
The total participant time over three months is nine hours (6 hours of mentor/mentee sessions; 3 hours of meeting time with the Professional Development Committee).

If you are interested in being either an interpreter mentee or a Deaf mentor, please complete the online application (link below) and email a letter of interest and a current resume to presidentkairid@gmail.com. There will also be a place on the application to submit your letter of interest.
This is a limited program and we will be recruiting for 3 Deaf Mentors and 3 Interpreters.

*Applications will be accepted until September 26th.*

Click here for more information:

Apply to be an interpreter mentee or deaf mentor by clicking above to be directed to our application.