KAI-RID Ballot Results

KAI-RID Ballot Results

The balloting period on restructuring the governance of KAI-RID has ended. The votes break down as follows:

22.7 % dissolve the current structure and restructure under KAD with a Chair and/or Vice-Chair liaison

27.3% Dissolve the current structure and restructure under a District Rep-based organization

50% Continue with the current structure and explore restructuring and/or collaborating with KAD in the future

As you can see, the majority of votes are to maintain the current structure. All positions, with the exception of Secretary, are open. Another business meeting is being planned to continue the agenda from the June meeting. To maintain the governing structure, we need members to take on leadership roles. Please think deeply about this and watch for more information about the next business meeting.

Thanks and Go Chiefs!