November Workshop: “Tax Mistakes All Interpreters Need to Avoid”

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“Tax Mistakes All Interpreters Need to Avoid”
Presented by Rosemary Bocian

0.3 GS CEUs (approval pending)Saturday, November 6th, 2021
12:00pm – 3:00pm CST

Event description: Being a freelance interpreter requires more than just interpreting. Focus is so heavily placed on language and skill that the business side of the profession often falls through the cracks. Through engaging content participants will learn how to avoid the most common tax mistakes that interpreters make. By becoming tax savvy freelancers, interpreters can transform their business practices and improve their current and future careers.

Educational Objectives:
– Participants will be able to calculate taxable income
– Participants will be able to indicate at least 3 differences between 1099 and W2 income
– Participants will be able to state at least 4 business tax deductions
– Participants will learn how to calculate and pay quarterly estimated taxes

Presenter Bio: Rosemary Bocian, MA, EA, NIC, has been an ASL freelance interpreter for 9 years. In 2017 she co-authored the book “The Interpreter’s Quick Guide to Self-Employment” which is currently being used by Interpreter Training Programs nationwide and sold on Amazon as well as at select Barnes & Nobles locations. Following publication, she began teaching workshops across the nation including the 2019 RID National Conference. This inspired her to become an Enrolled Agent and support interpreters directly by providing tax preparation services through her business Quick Guide Tax. Rosemary received both her Bachelor’s in ASL Interpretation and Master’s in Deaf Studies: Culture from Gallaudet University. As a professional tax preparer (EA), author and seasoned speaker, Rosemary presents the complex world of taxes in plain language so that interpreters can thrive in the profession.

$25 for KAI-RID members
$45 for non-members

Register here:

This event will be conducted in ASL and interpreters will not be provided. If you need any other accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact Professional Development Committee chair Jenni Mosiman at 913.282.3019 or 

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