our vision

“KAI-RID is an innovative and vibrant organization of unified sign language interpreters.  We affirm each member as a valuable resource, actively engaged in our ongoing development as professionals and leaders.  As a collective force, KAI-RID invests in the long term success of our field.”

Your 2013-2014 Board Members:

Kim Bates, Vice President


Caitlin Myers, Secretary


Marisa Hurd, Treasurer


Jennifer Calderwood, District One Representative


Alexis Guernsey, District Two Representative


Kimberly Tate, District Three Representative


Current KAI – RID Committees:

Annual Conference Planning | Marisa Heilman, Chair

Bonnie Goben, Kim Bates, Caitlin Myers, Marisa Hurd, Jen Calderwood, Alexis Guernsey, Kimberly Tate

Budget | Chair position VACANT

Bylaws | Chair position VACANT

Kim Bates, committee member

Educational Interpreters | Janelle Hamilton & Nancy Hedges, co-chairs | janelleandnancy@gmail.com

Fundraising | Chair position VACANT

Media | Chair position VACANT

Caitlin Myers, committee member

Vicki Scales, committee member

Membership Development  | Teri Sturgeon, chair | teriterp23@yahoo.com

Jennifer Calderwood, committee member

Professional Development | VACANT

Interested in joining a committee or becoming chairperson?  Have ideas or suggestions for us? Please contact any of the KAI-RID board members or the current chair at the email address listed above or Kim Bates at vice-president@kai-rid.org

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